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Who we are

Who We Are

CentersLink is a referral management company, part of the Centers Health Care family, fundamentally improving the continuity of care for healthcare providers and their patients. Our system enables the seamless and timely delivery of care by improving patient access to services and improving communication to providers across care settings.

Our process of care

Our Process of Care

CentersLink places patients at the center of their care and our centralized system encompasses all the resources you need to improve the referral process and achieve better outcomes. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the workflow process, improving patient transitions and the delivery of care services during your healthcare journey. Our Support Call Center is available 7 days a week to provide individualized assistance to both patients and providers.

Support for our providers

Support for Our Providers

Whether you are part of an integrated system or a single-site group practice, staying engaged and involved in your patients’ care outside of your care setting can be a challenge. With value-based care models continuing to emerge, it is more important than ever to remain involved and engaged in your patient’s care.

Benefits for our patients

Benefits for Our Patients

CentersLink understands the difficulties you are facing when trying to navigate the complex and ever-changing healthcare system. We created a solution centered around our patients. You don’t need to be an expert in Medicare, Medicaid, or know how to find an in-network provider. We extend our extensive network of trusted providers, the same providers we have been referring our patients to for years-- to you.

Trusted network of providers

Trusted Network of Providers

Our quality-driven network brings together physicians, specialists, hospitals, health plans, home care providers rehabilitation specialists and other community based organizations to improve collaboration and care across the healthcare spectrum.